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WTFUK- Meet Manchester’s Newest Fashion Label

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“I think the great thing about Manchester is the fact that it is undefinable!”

Meet Kizzy Holliday-Morgan, the Owner and Head Designer of WTFUK- Manchester’s newest fashion label. Launched in September 2013, this Fashion Label is sure to be a success. Kizzy was so kind to spare a few minutes of her time to talk to Manchester Fashion Magazine.

1.     Where do you find your inspiration and can you sum up the brands vision in 5 words?

I find inspiration in so many places, sometimes I will find something in a vintage shop or I will be reading a comic book and I will just have an idea. I keep a sketchbook with me at all times so I can doodle and write all my thoughts down which I use when I am drawing the artwork for our prints.  Art, music and underground culture are a strong influence on my work.The five words which I would use to sum up WTFUK’s vision are:  Culture, Nostalgia, Abstract, Urban, Future.


2.     Has your design style changed since starting your label?

The WTFUK style is always evolving and changing, I am only happy if I am challenging myself and pushing the boundaries of fashion. Our Summer collection was very monochromatic and abstract whereas our A/W range is much more colourful and supernatural. I never focus on the constraints of current trends or what came before, an independent label should always look forward and offer an alternative to the norm.

3. Describe the general process you go through to design and realise a piece of clothing.

 For a handmade garment, I start by designing the clothing and making a pattern. Once the pattern is complete I use it to cut out the fabric and pin in place. I then sew the garment together. For a printed garment, I start by drawing the artwork for the print. Once I have the completed design, I make and prepare a screen to print it with. When the screen is ready, I ink it up and print the design onto the garment and cure it. I also print my own clothes labels and sew the labels in.

4. Is Streetwear currently the only thing you produce or are you planning to extend your line?

Currently WTFUK makes printed clothes and also limited edition handmade garments, I want to expand into printing our own fabrics and then making clothes with our fabrics. This would give us lots of new options with garment shapes such as dresses, trousers, skirts etc as well as being able to print all over which is something I really love!

Our street style and wear ability is something we will always keep at the forefront of our design aesthetic. It is important to make clothes affordable and accessible to everyone as well as make them look awesome!


5. How would you define your city’s fashion?

I think the great thing about Manchester is the fact that it is undefinable! There is no particular generic style as it is such a cosmopolitan city with influences from lots of different cultures and backgrounds. I think the people of Manchester wear what they want, when they want, there is such a variety of styles and a great freedom of expression. I have seen some gorgeous and adventurous street style whilst living here and it always makes me happy to see someone so creative with their appearance!


 6. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Fashion is a very hard and competitive nut to crack; you need to know that Fashion is all you want to do and that you are willing to give it all of your attention. As I am a one person business, I literally spend all my time on WTFUK. Sometimes I work through the night and I never give myself a day off because my business is everything to me and I am determined to get my clothes out there and worn by as many people as possible!

So my advice would be immerse yourself in all things fashion, be confident and above all be creative!


We predict great things for Kizzy and WTFUK so be sure to grab your WTUK Item hereWTFUK 

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