Thursday, January 18, 2018
We love Zara, we really do

We love Zara, we really do


After what seems like an agonising wait, it has finally made its triumphant return to Cathedral Street. This Spanish beauty, is back and better than ever before, it’s a woman’s dream as you walk in to new and VERY much improved store, it screams sophisticated and elegant before you’ve even made it through the shining glass doors. I know what you’re thinking shops get re-fits all the time… what in the world it so special about this one?

The new Zara expresses the clothes and products is sells, it’s super sleek design and classy furnishings are what Zara is all about, more is definitely less. You feel at the very height of fashion as you wander around the beautiful merchandised garments, this re-design has taken Zara to a new height, the uber sleek and fashionable interiors shall set it apart from the rest of the Manchester stores.  This Spanish empire has come a long way from the 70’s when it was first introduced to the fashion world, it is now staple on a high street. Only Zara could do this well.

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