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Vodafone’s London Fashion Weekend – Trends for Autumn/Winter 2013

Vodafone’s London Fashion Weekend – Trends for Autumn/Winter 2013

Vodafone’s London Fashion Weekend left me with an inspiring, exhilarating thrill that only fresh fashion, walking to the beat of a carefully chosen drum, leaves you with. After arriving at Somerset House, I wandered around the stores of endless discounts, thrilled young designers and shop assistants, eager to make a sale. I didn’t need much persuading, being a young fashion student with a credit card that holds no interest.
The show must go on, and it commenced in four different trends, ‘Pretty in Pink’, ‘Back to Nature’, ‘Victoriana’ and ‘Shape Up’. Finishing with an exclusive Holly Fulton collection. The trends were glowing and glossy, an ambience of excitement and satisfaction came with each one. The two that clung to me were Pretty In Pink and Victoriana. It’s not difficult to figure out that I’m attracted to a feminine aesthetic, however these trends had twists and turns to create the edge every type of aesthetic requires.
Pretty in Pink bloomed in delicate tones, a variety of shades and soft textures. Pearls and floral embroidery had been appliquéd in careful precision and faux fur was a clear motif throughout. The textures of fur, tweed, wool and soft thick cottons whispered winter through a colour palette that pleaded spring.
Victoriana moved to a ghostly sound. Black and white pleats, ruffles and suits strode down the space in front of us, adorned with Victorian buttons and jewellery. High necklines and ankle grazing trousers seemed to channel through the entire trend. Throughout every trend there seemed to be a few clear notes for A/W 2013. That is to buy a statement coat, and a skirt that falls beneath the calves. These came in a variety of manners, a clear favourite being a chiffon skirt with subtle knife pleats and a pallet of pale pink and floral designs from the Pretty In Pink trend.
Overall my favourite piece was by Holly Fulton. A casual cotton T- shirt with a bear printed on the front, paired with a textured silk floor length skirt printed with a wild animals roaring face. This combination of casual elegance always appeals to me, I am forever dressed in a boys t-shirt and a feminine counterpart.
A conclusion I am left with for a style this A/W is an oxymoron of delicate feminism and gothic, historical twists.

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