Sunday, December 17, 2017


On Thursday I went to the press breakfast for THEN AND NOW on behalf of MCRFashionMag. I took the train into Londontown and headed for Hearst Magazine HQ to meet the ThenAndNowShop team & see the collections!


What a treat the whole morning was! Chloe from ThenAndNowShop was just an absolute darling. So friendly and approachable, we had to wait a short while for the courier to arrive with the collections. In the mean time all the press guests were given a complimentary manicure by Michelle from NiceNailsBaby.

Michelle was totally awesome; she didn’t judge me for my music-playing battered nails! Instead she made my hands look so pretty! I chose a pastel pink color; Michelle did an excellent job at preparing, painting and manicuring my nails. Almost 3 days on and they still look fab! I’d totally recommend Nice Nails Baby for your nail needs!


Then there was the breakfast, a beautiful selection of rolls, cakes, pastries, fruit and yoghurts. I had a lovely cup of tea made by Tom. (One of the buying team, I’ll come back to that beauty!)

IMG_0940 IMG_0972

I also tried one of the chocolate cakes and a pastry. NOM NOM NOM

There was plenty of time to chat with the other press members at the breakfast. I met so many lovely people including trendbridged blogger. We had a lovely chat about the magazine, about how awesome Manchester is and her clothes designs and blogs!


Okay so I totally don’t know where to begin; the most beautiful selection of leather jackets, silk printed shirts, lace dress, cape and coat.


Chloe talked me through the ladies wear and Tom talked me through the menswear. My favorite items from the collection included Lillyang bags, Nunushka, Hide, Parka London and many more!

Then there were the bags, now I’m not really a bag kind of gal. Being at gigs and festivals I mostly prefer my 90s backpacks. However I pretty much fell in love with the Monday Bag.


The swimsuits inspired by the 50s were lovely, great color and pattern selection. The jewellery by Ruifier, WOW. Stunning pieces that screamed glamour and sophistication!


If I could treat myself to an outfit from the items on display, I would have to pick The Monday bag, the leather/lace coat and an embellished dress!

IMG_0945 IMG_0973

THENANDNOW is the innovation of Lian Michelson. Lian created the website to meet the needs of working professionals like herself, who could rarely find time to shop online efficiently.

For high end designer fashion THENANDNOW has positioned itself as the ultimate destination for online shopping. It offers both current collections & discounted past seasons with reductions of up to 75% I know AMAZING right?! Just in time for Christmas! *Get’s Festive jumper on and starts online shopping*

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