Friday, December 15, 2017

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Hello lovelies!

I’m from my blog, My blog is all beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related. I was asked to come and blog here on the MCR Fashion Mag and jumped at the chance! So today, this is my first post and I thought it would be a good time to let you learn about me, so with out farther a due, let’s get to know me!

First off, I’m a beauty and fashion addict. I’m going to admit I have enough lip balm to soothe the chapped lips of an army. And as much as I love my lip balms, I adore every kind of makeup. Well, except for liquid eyeliner, I can barely line my eye with pencil, liquid would be a disaster! My favourite makeup brands are Urban Decay, Marcelle, Maybelline, Mac Cosmetics, & Benefit. And as for fashion, I love the stores Forever 21 and H&M. Going into the fashion realm, if I could splurge on one super high end fashion piece, it would be the amazing Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. It’s just an amazing bag. I hope to someday have it….Okay, purse daydreaming aside, I’m super excited to be writing for the MCR Fashion Mag. An especially an online one, it’s a great way to open up to the new age of technology!

And just a few other smidgens, I’m currently watching the second season of the Vampire Diaries, but also love the tv show Friends. Also, aside from my beauty and fashion addiction, I also love cheese and chocolate, but never together!

Thanks so much for getting to know me, and I hope you come back to read all the lovely things here on the MCR Fashion Mag,


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