Sunday, December 17, 2017
Pink Perfection

Pink Perfection

Sweet. Feminine. Tailored.

When we think of winter we imagine dark, deep and moody colours. So who would’ve thought that this year’s winter trend colour is none other than pink! The more delicate the better, the more pastel the more on trend! This winter we are going back tot he basics, with its concurrent themes being feminine and tailored.  The colour strongly awakes distant dreams of innocence and childhood while also spelling sophistication. – Everyone knows “A Lady Wears Pink. “

big woolly pink coats  are strutting down the runway. Not only does pink add the extra bit of colour to a more sombre winter oriented look, but also gives it a dash of femininity.

Different hues of pink can be easily worn together, creating the ultimate feminine look. There seems to be no overload when it comes to pink. Pink madness you may call it…Pink  perfection to me!

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Anne-Marie Odesanya is a 22-year-old Journalist and Presenter. Originally from Germany, this tiny girl has made Manchester her second home writing about everything Beauty and Fashion related!