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Lustful Lingerie! Exclusive interview…

Lustful Lingerie! Exclusive interview…


Introducing to you, a northern sensation. Superstar lingerie and swimwear designer, Gemma Victoria Cheyne, has given me exclusive details about her promising career in the contour industry. (And when I say promising, you can’t get much better than Victoria’s Secret can you?)

Have you always been into designing something so specific or is it something that came to you later on in life?

I have been lucky enough too travel the world. I lived in New Zealand and Indonesia when I was younger and I always had to wear swimwear. Whilst I was on the beach I would sketch designs of the swimwear I wanted to wear and not what I was made to wear. I’ve always watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows on repeat, and all I used to think was ‘I just want all that lingerie’. It was actually my mums boyfriend who told me about the contour fashion design course, and I haven’t looked back since.

What kind of lingerie do you enjoy designing?


I love sexy, raunchy, empowering underwear. The kind of lingerie that makes men stop! It’s actually quite fascinating how a man can be controlled by a really lacy knicker!

Where do you reach out for inspiration for your designs?


I’m very big on culture! All of my designs are a part of my life, they’re actually quite like a little story board. I get my inspiration from thinking how I’d like to feel and where I’d like to go. I also like to think about how women can grow and feel sexier. I’m a huge fan of blogs, because I’m such a visual person. Pinterest gives me great ideas for patterns and different colours.


We know there was a big uproar from Mary Portas because of the UK not using British fabric. Do you tend to use British fabric or is too expensive?

I tend not to think about where it’s come from. All I really care about is the quality. Every girl deserves the perfect lace and silk! I love Italian, French, rich, detailed and delicate fabrics. It’s all about the perfect quality for the perfect girl.


Are you all about designing for catwalk, or are you jumping on the real women campaign?

Oh! It’s all about the real woman! I just want everyone to feel as good as they can. Lingerie is the foundation of fashion, the perfect lingerie creates the perfect out-a-look. I design for every shape, I want everyone to feel amazing.


We know you did an internship at a famous London boutique, can you tell me more about what you learned?

Yes! I interned at Biondi Boutique in Chelsea. It was amazing, and I met so many nice clients. I had a first hand experience of the industry and it made me realise which path I wanted to take next. I was even lucky enough to sew some luxury items for myself!


You just mentioned your next steps, can you tell me a little more about those

My next steps are to work abroad. A company in Hong Kong have showed a lot of interest in me. They have some large job opportunities such as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch. This would really be amazing and I would learn so much. It’s hard leaving family though!


Have you ever thought about going solo? Setting up your own collection? If so, can you give me a sneak peak at what it would be like?


I want to create a very interactive collection, where there is a desirable, sexual feel to it. There will be ribbons to pull, buttons to undo and corsets to pop open. It will be something you feel sexy in, as well as something for the men to enjoy!


You also design a small selection of swimwear. Do you get the same inspiration from your lingerie designs?

It’s quite different to how I think about my lingerie. They are merely a story of places I’ve been in my life. I use my own photographs for different prints and play around with the shapes, just to give them that exotic feel.


And finally, just a little look into your design wardrobe. What does your entire lingerie collection include?

Wow! I do bra’s, corsets, suspenders, waspies, nightwear, shape-wear and plus-wear. It’s very challenging and time consuming but seeing your end product on someone, looks and feels amazing.

‘Remember the name; Gemma Victoria Cheyne. You heard it here first..’

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