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Fashion or Rubbish ?

Fashion or Rubbish ?

Fashion or Rubbish, the award winning  Up-cycled Fashion Show returned for its third year on the 20th November at Manchester’s prestigious Museum of Science and Industry.

The Aim, it’s simple, to change peoples perception on waste and materials.It was supposed to be an eye opening experience and its safe to say it was.

The main advice that was being presented throughout the night was three things : Reduce,Re-use and Revive.

1. Reduce - Buy only when you need, borrow, loan.

2.Re-use - Donate to charity, buy from charity and vintage shops and swap clothes with your friends and family.

3. ReviveRepair old clothes and get creative by adding new materials.

These three simple steps may seem daunting (I know that means sewing!)- but fear not, it’s not that hard. There’s plenty of help nowadys. Non profit and profit organizations run sewing classes throughout Greater Manchester so you’re never alone.

So here are some facts ….

You may have thought that in fashion there’s not that much technicalities and science behind it but believe me its a long process.

In Greater Manchester alone we purchase a staggering 90,000 tones of new clothing items in just a single year alone. To prevent this from happening you can now donate any form of textile be it a cardigan to a pair of shoes to any of the Greater Manchester Recycling Centers.

On  a more national scale, consumers purchase 21.5 million tones of new items including clothing and shoes each year here in the UK. With this, 1.4 million tones are sent to landfill. Because of all of our unwanted textiles being thrown away there are man-made fabrics so they don’t decompose. This has a negative impact upon the environment. If we knew about the endless opportunities of what we can do with our unwanted items there would be a significant drop in global warming and climate change.

Only 41% of people say that they are un-aware of the recycling facilities for textiles. This needs to change.In the media we are so used to seeing the traditional recycled items such as plastic and paper , textiles have slipped under the radar.

To the fashion…

The event showcased up-cycled designers collections. Designers and stallholders included : Adnan Bayyat, Dress for Success, Zolibeau , Junk Shop, Traceys’s Rubbish Wedding, From Somewhere, Rubbish Revamped, Goodone, MIA, Stiched Up, TRAIDRemade, Sara Han, Tameside College and Emmaus.


Members of the public were given the opportunity to chat to the designers and stallholders about their collections and to learn more about up-cycled fashion.

Not only was the night very visual but interactive. Thanks to social media giant Twitter, people could tweet along to the fashion show commenting upon their favorite collections and their opinions on the whole night.

Three favorite collections of mine were …

1.) Junkshop – Junkshop are an organisation that provides sustainable fashion in  a fun and fresh thinking manner. Not only do you get fashionable clothing but it’s affordable.

2.)MIA – MIA by Mia Nesbit reuses recycled fabrics and mixes them with traditional Malawian textiles to chow the difference between African and Western fashion.

Model Presenting MIA Collection

3.) Dress for Success – Dress for Success promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development of tools to help women thrive in work and life. There shop is charity fun in the heart of the city centre.

Now as well as all of the glorious talent from the professional designers there was a small collection from ‘Future Designers’. This collection was made by home schooled students using donated materials. Think very abstract and over the top pieces made from bin bags and train tickets.

This event showed me that recycling can be fun, so get inspired and get involved!

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