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Cellulite eliminating denim

Cellulite eliminating denim

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Put down the expensive creams, lotions and surgeries, ladies. Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch is introducing jeans which combat cellulite as you wear them.
Revealed at the designer’s winter 2014 show at Fashion Rio, Herchcovitch’s new ‘Beauty Denim’ holds the promise of turning your body heat into infared rays, in hope of stimulating circulation (bad circulation is the main cause of the dreaded ‘orange peel’ look). In order to achieve maximum results, Herchcovitch advises that the jeans be worn frequently.
The ‘beauty denim’ contains Emana yarn, which is a manmade fiber offering thermo-regulation, and improves blood microcirculation for six hours or more when in contact with the skin. This unique formulation has already been used in both lingerie and sports clothing in Brazil prior to the debut of the ‘beauty denim’ line, and Herchcovitch claims it took him five years to perfect the fabrication of the cellulite busting denim.
The Brazilian designer is not the first to create a line of denim which promises to combat the appearance of cellulite. In January, Wrangler publicly launched their ‘Denim Spa’ line of slim fit jeans, which are infused with a combination of caffeine, algae extracts, and retinol not only in hope of reducing cellulite, but also to keep the wearer’s legs smooth at all times.
Unlike its competitor, ‘Beauty Denim’ has not yet been clinically tested. The ‘Denim Spa’ line was, however, tested by the Institut Adriant in France, during which, participants wore the jeans for a total of eight hours per day, for five days a week, over a six week period. After four weeks, 69% of participants said that they found their legs to be softer, and that the appearance of cellulite around their thighs had improved.
Cellulite is often caused by a combination of three factors; slow metabolism, poor diet, and bad circulation, and appears most around the buttocks, hips, and thighs of a woman. While no pair of jeans can provide a quick fix to a slow metabolic rate, or a poor diet, it is possible Herchcovitch’s debut ‘beauty denim’ line may be able to provide a solution where appearance’s are concerned.
In light of the fact that none of the supposed cellulite reducing jeans have copious success rates, the ‘Beauty Denim’ line takes a new, fresh approach towards cellulite-busting, relying on heat technology (which isn’t exactly an ingredient that can be found in any cellulite reducing cream or lotion), to reduce appearances of the ‘cottage cheese’ look that every woman dreads.
Wrangler’s ‘Denim Spa’ jeans can be found on Asos for £59.50 (RRP £85), and it currently remains unclear when Herchcovitch’s line will be available for purchase.

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