Sunday, December 17, 2017
Introducing Our Fold

Introducing Our Fold

Do you remember when Arctic Monkeys broke onto the scene? When ‘I bet that you look good on the dance floor’ was being played in all my favourite hangs, I simply could not get enough of the bands catchy, gritty, slightly dirty sound.

I couldn’t help myself it just got my feet moving and my heart beating. Fast track 7 years, the band has released their 5th studio album but Littlebearwolf’s ears are lusting over another band; which have relit that fire in my heart and tap in my step.

Our Fold, a four piece indie- rock band from Bolton, Greater Manchester, signed to Unique Management.

Our Fold 20

Littlebearwolf’s favourite track is undoubtedly ‘Belt, Tap & Needle’. Slightly Indie, very gritty, a bit grunge and very rock. Our Fold are fast becoming one of my favourite emerging bands.

From the bands humble beginnings in a terraced house deep in Lancashire, the friends bonded over their mutual love of music. Parties turned into jam sessions; those who were always present began to call themselves ‘Our Fold’.

The band recorded home demos, eventually moving into the drummers garage; where the band began to regularly get together and thus ‘Our Fold’ was born. The band’s sound created quite a buzz which got around quickly and scored the band professional management.

The bands repertoire is something rather quite exceptional. Upbeat, energized tracks fused with alternative beats, rocky riffs and angst filled lyrics that exude originality; I highly recommend checking the band out stat!

Our Fold - Dive 2sw

With mesmerising beats, gritty undertones and hypnotising hooks; it’s no wonder this band have managed to score gigs supporting the likes of The Prodigy, Kasabian, The Coral, Florence & The Machine, The Fratellis and The Enemy as well as many more! Not to mention the band have played various festivals including Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, and Latitude among many others.

The band has stated that their influences include Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Stone Roses and Sonic Youth among others. These influences are certainly noted, though re-inspired in songs like ‘The Secret’, ‘Face to the Sky’ & ‘Crashing Down’.

We won’t be kept waiting long as the band’s debut album is well on its way. The bands single ‘Dive?’ is out Monday 25th November  – be sure to check it out!

So just who is Our Fold? Damien Riley takes vocal & guitar, Dan McLaren on bass & vocals, with Ryan Ambler on drums and last but not least Gaz Drury on guitar & vocals.

So this Christmas help support your local music scene and go see Our Fold live; A perfect way to spend a winters evening this festive season!

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