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TV shows such as The Voice, X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent have provided a platform for budding musicians & performers alike to make their dream of being a performer come true. Even for the thousands of people who take part but don’t make the final cut, it gives them an opportunity to get their foot in the door of show business.

Even with shows created for finding a star, there are still hundreds of musicians and bands out there, waiting for their chance to make their dream come true. Whether the bands are signed or not they are often talented musicians, who are writing, recording all their own work and networking, sharing their music both on the internet and to live audiences. This can take months, even years to achieve, made even more difficult by ever decreasing local music scenes, within our cities & towns.


In a time when the country is recovering from a global recession and people are cutting back costs, it’s never been more important to not only support your town or city but to make sure you are having some fun in your spare time!

I love music and going to see my favourite bands is awesome, but standing in a crowd of 100,000 it can be quite difficult to focus fully on the music. However when you go to a local gig to watch an emerging band and there’s only fifty people in the room, you get something a lot more personal and memorable for your money. Not to mention your favourite bands all started somewhere, it’s an awesome feeling to be able to say ‘yeah I know the band’.


Local music venues are a great place to meet new friend’s, even festival buddies! You’re helping local venues by buying a ticket and a beer & most importantly your helping to forge the story of a band.

Manchester is home to not only a number of awesome emerging artists but fantastic gig venues and an inspiring arts & events scene.  From venues such as The Kings Arms, Night&Day Cafe and The Ruby Lounge there is plenty of choice across the city to suit everyone’s tastes. So if you’re looking for something a little different to do this month, then totally check out a local gig and help support your local music scene!

With Christmas and the whole festive season upon us, why not treat your friends to a night at a gig, you’ll have an awesome time, hear wicked tunes and the memories will live on! Been to a great gig? Why not treat your friends to the bands EP or t-shirt?!

*STYLE TIP* Band tees are way cool for styling with just about anything and look totes awesome with this seasons tartan skirts, scarves and leather jackets!

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