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Double Indemnity at The Corner House

Double Indemnity at The Corner House

Curated by Michael Connor, this exhibition is an intriguing exploration into concepts of desire and possession. Inspired by Billy Wilders film, which focuses on character Walter Neff’s “consuming desire” for money, a woman he cannot have, and a sense of approval and love from a colleague.

The rooms are dark, eerie almost, and at this time of day I am the only footstep to be heard. The first piece of work to strike me is in gallery one, by Sophie Calle, a well-known artist from France. She has hired a private investigator of some sort to follow her around. The twist is that he doesn’t know she has hired him.
Calles work is consistent in her interests, and quite intimate. She ‘stalks’ chosen characters, finding their receipts in bins, watching whom they associate with, recording their regimes. In this particular piece she uses the recordings of the man she has hired, notes have been made such as “At 12:08pm she comes out, crosses Luxembourg Gardens”, the idea was to reflect a perspective of Barbara Stanwycks character in the film Double Indemnity ‘Phyllis Dietrichson’, and the obsession Neff has for her despite her marital status.

Gallery two reflects the character of Dietrichson’s step – daughter, Connor says the intention here is to show that “even children in our society can be held up as sexual objects”. An installation by Bunny Rogers and Filip Olszewski consists of many speakers parallel to each other on two walls, when I walked through the speakers as one it was a chorus of children singing, however if I put my ear close to one at a time it was a child on it’s own. There were a range of ages, some very young, and the concept Connor speaks about in reflection to this piece makes this a little spooky.

I found a fashion related piece in a hidden corner of gallery two, a video of a fashion show by an Israeli designer. All the clothes had odd cut outs designed to reveal some typically desirable parts of a man’s body; the abdomen, the small of the back, and the chest. I sat, placed the headphones over my ears, and watched in fascination whilst the entrancing music beat into my ears.

This exhibition left me with a vast array of different thoughts, all focusing on how human emotions affect our life and relationships, desire in particular.
It runs until January 5th 2014 and I would recommend it to those who have an interest in human behavior and psychologies, as well as a love for the film Double Indemnity.

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