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The brow (R)evolution

The brow (R)evolution

One of the very first noted cosmetic eyebrow shaping practices dates back to the 8th century, in Japan, under the name of Hikimayu. Hiki means “pull” and mayu means “eyebrows”. The practice consisted of women completely removing their natural eyebrows and painting smudge-like eyebrows on their foreheads. (Yeah, right?)

‘En Vogue’ brows in the 1920′s weren’t too far from the ones during the 8th century in Japan; major plucking took place, in the attempt of removing as much of the eyebrow as possible. The desired shape was then drawn with a grease pencil. The line was extremely thin and high, curving downward- toward the temple.  Jean Harlow, American film actress and sex-symbol of the 1920′s-1930′s is probably one of the best examples to underline the trend.

Jean Harlow, Actress, 1920

Jean Harlow, Actress, 1920

The 50′s brought us a starlet called Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn’s emblematic eyebrows were naturally thick but perfectly shaped and contoured- emphasising her face features. Over the years she became an eyebrow icon. The actress brought us one step closer to the ‘strong brow’ look, the look we are trying to emulate nowadays.


Audrey Heppburn, Actress, 1950

The fans of the 1980′s Baywatch, might have learnt the hard way that over-plucked eyebrows take forever to grow back. The 1980 towards the year of 2000 was a time of ‘brow contrasts’- with rolling trends of both super thin lines (young Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss) and completely natural, bushy eyebrows (Brooke Shields)


Kate Moss, Model, 1990

Today’s brow trend is undeniably ruled by the current eyebrow queen: Cara Delevigne

Cara’s eyebrows revived the ‘Super Brow’ era and influenced the way women groom their eyebrows. The super model with super eyebrows made sure thick take the place of thin, and relaxing takes the place of plucking.Her distinctive, ethereal look (thanks to…guess what?) brought her contracts with Chanel, Burberry and Zara. And she became, in the span of 2 years, the coolest face of the fashion industry.


Cara, Model, 2012

Eyebrows are more than meets the eye. Your eyebrow shape can bring you a notorious career in the fashion/movie industry; they completely transform your face and they can be a representation of your character.But moreover, they frame your eyes. And your eyes, are the mirror to your soul- so make sure you give them the best frame you possibly can…

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