Wednesday, February 21, 2018
See The Light…Quit Sunbeds!

See The Light…Quit Sunbeds!


NOW this is by no means a new debate, in fact a very old one, but sunbed use amongst young teens and adults alike is still one of the most popular ‘beauty’ treatments to date. I myself have succumb to those enticingly warm blue rays of bronzed goodness, it’s all too easy to merely think of how good you’re going to look after you’ve had your 6 minute tanning fix. But I think it’s time we all looked beyond that and started to properly realise the long term effects that your short term tan actually has.

As previously mentioned, I too was once sickened at the sight of my ‘milk bottle legs’ and looked in the mirror in horror at my colour drained face, but it was the woman who led me to my 9 minute holiday every other day that made me change my mind. The reason being was that she looked old. I’ll give it to her, she was a tanned as the day is long but despite being only in her mid-thirties, obvious years of hammering the sunbeds had taken its toll on her. She had course and wrinkled skin way before her time, there was no youthfulness in her face anymore and the sheer thought of looking like that myself in ten years has made me ditch them forever.

I’ve heard many an older family member complain of crow’s feet and eye bags, so starting early and looking after your skin now will pay off when you’re forty and you’ll be thankful for it. So after bidding goodbye to the beds and upping the amp on skincare, one of my favourite tips is to wear suncream daily. This may seem slightly alien considering we are lucky to even see a summer in Britain, but an SPF protects against all the elements which are all damaging to the skin. My favourite is the Bioderma Photoderm Matifying Fluid in SPF 30, it’s great because it protects whilst also working to keep spots at bay, no oiliness here!

So even if you can’t commit to a daily SPF and ditching the sunbeds altogether, using them moderately is a better approach. Quit them for the winter? Embrace being a pale Gail! Indulge more in fake tan? Minus the mishaps! But for me, reaching middle aged and having increased my chances of skin cancer, whilst looking like a leather skinned prune by no means appeals to me. The blue UV rays have finally gone out whilst the light bulb in my head has finally switched on!

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