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Beauty Advent Calendars – Are They Worth It ?

Beauty Advent Calendars – Are They Worth It ?

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar £30

Back in 2011 when department store Selfridges launched the Lancôme beauty advent calendar, the first of the beauty calendars, it was an instant hit with all beauty lovers and gurus. Pre 2011, back in the day, when chocolate advent calendars were in high demand, they now seemed to have liquidized. Last Christmas, the beauty advent calendar was still very much under the radar but thanks to bloggers and Youtubers they have made their way into the Christmas ritual.

Now the main difference despite the contents is the price. Instead of going into a local convenience store we are now venturing into the department store. Somehow paying £2.99 on a Cadbury 2013 edition of their chocolate advent calendar can’t compare with paying up to £84 on a ‘sample sized’ beauty one.

Now this year the market has gotten a bit more competitive, as other beauty empires have got on ‘the hype’.

Benefit has launched their ‘Countdown to Love’ at £ 50. Expect to see BagGal mascara and the lip and cheek tint.

Ciate‘s ‘Mini Mani Month’ is retailed at £42. Any nail art crazed person will love it as much as I loved the alliteration in the product name. If you buy the calendar you will not only get tiny bottles of nail varnish but the caviar, glitter and sequin nail toppers.

Selfridges have also launched their own. There is a wide range of makeup to skincare products from luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani. This is at the higher end of the price range at £84.

For a more ‘cheaper’ option Boots is an alternative if you call £30 cheap then fair enough. It is their ’24 days of beauty treats’. It combines fragrance, shower and hair care, with a mixture of high end and high street brands.

These aren’t cheap. In fact they are a Christmas gift of their own. But receiving it on Christmas day does defy the whole process of the advent calendar tradition. This year I will be sticking to my chocolate one, I like it as part of the Christmas tradition. I wouldn’t mind receiving it from somebody else. I do suppose that the beauty calendar would be more beneficial for my body more than chocolate would but sorry hips, it’s winter, I need to stay warm .


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