Friday, December 15, 2017

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I am a beauty therapist covering skincare, makeup, hair removal, manicures, pedicures, hair care, self tan, eye treatments and general fabulous fun! I have also, in my past life, been a professional actress (my profile picture is from a show I did in 2010) and so have lots of insider tips and tricks from stage and screen :) ... I am NOT a qualified beauty teacher, this blog is just to share with you my insider hints and tips I have picked up along the way, that have worked well for me. Please see my DISCLAIMER. I am from England, UK but have obsessions with products and techniques from all over the world. How old am I? A lady never tells... (although no doubt it's easy to find out!) The fantastic world of blogs and youtube means I have a wealth of inspiration at my fingertips and follow LOTS of beauty gurus however my main favourites of the moment are: Kandee Johnson Elle Fowler Blair Fowler Miss Glamorazzi (Youtube) They all follow a pretty, bright, fun theme which is how I would like my blog to be seen. My aim is to also start a Youtube channel of my own expanding on some of my most well received blogs to start and eventually running videos and blogs simultaneously for each topic. Please forward any questions or suggestions you may have to and thank you for reading and subscribing! xXx

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